In 1999 , 2000 and 2002 has Olga Kharitidi trained therapists in the Netherlands in a very, very old way of healing. This way of healing is now made available to all mankind. In October 2011 has Olga Yahontova ( Kharitidi) given a new workshop in France.

Olga Kharitidi is a psychiatrist from Novosibirsk in Siberia and author of the books "Entering the Circle" and "The Master of Lucid Dreams." (Die Bücher von Olga: Das Land der Weisse Seele und Samarkand) Since 2013 there is a third book from Olga Yahontova (Kharitidi) called Michael Gate. You can order it in Amazon.com it is also an e-book.


Olga  Kharitidi  now Olga Yahontova.



The  workshops will be lead by Fransje Bik on The Mountain in France.


Workshop Dreamhealer-Warhealer

In two days you learn to walk your own circle of life - to heal yourself - to find your own power animals - to make shamanic journeys into the past, present and future.

In our circle of live we will find obstacles where once traumatic experiences took place which give directions in our lives and in the lives of people with whom we are connected in the past, present or future.

We learn, by feeling, to differentiate between the lost-soul trauma and possession trauma.

The spirits of those traumas will pull daily at our vital energy and cause new consequences in our life. You learn how to loose the spirits of possession trauma and how to heal the spirits of lost soul trauma.

The trauma spirits live in us like parasites and take our energy from us. They hinder our core potential, our talents.

Programme: Day 1.

Full introductions.

Theory and connection with our second face.

Types of trauma.

Theory and walking of your circle of life.

Theory and night healing.

You need a recent photo from yourself.  Only from you, no other people on the photo please.

Day 2.

Sharing experiences (voluntary)

Theory of shamanic journey.

The methodology of finding your own power animal.

Shamanic journey in practice.

2015   28 und 29 März  in Kulturzentrum Wilde Rose.  Ort: Melle  

The workshop costs 130 €

Übernachtungen 54 € pro Nacht p.P. Vollpension. Beim Anmeldung bekommst du weitere Information.





Workshop Memory Demonhealer


The Memory Demonhealer workshop follows on from the Dreamhealer-Warhealer workshop. In this workshop we learn how to find and remove memory demons.


Memory Demons live in us and in our inner spaces. They take over our inner spaces and take over our own identity, they think us, live us and take away the energy that we need for our own right energy that we need for our own right actions, for our own identity, for our dreams, for what we want to do, for our tasks here on earth.


You learn, in connection with what you took from the Dreamhealer-Warhealer workshop, to work with your Spiritual Magician and with the Perceiver.




Full introduction

Work with Spiritual Magician

Transformation of Perception

Activating of memory spaces

Shamanic journey through the centre and Memory Demon Healing.

Shamanic journey to your Spiritual Source.


When and where: On the mountain in France and I give this workshop for max. 5-6  participants. 


2015: On The Mountain in France 13 and 14 Juni

The workshop costs 130 €

You can sleep here on The Mountain in a wooden house where you can cook for yourself too. Price: 12 € p.p.p.night. And 1x 60 € for cleaning, bedsheets and loundry.

 Max. Teilnehmer 5-6 und im Deutsche Sprache.


Workshop Live your Own Dream.    

After the workshops, Dreamhealer-Warhealer and Memory Demonhealer comes a third workshop which was given by Olga Kharitidi in April 2002 in the Netherlands. It is also a two day workshop. You can attend this workshop if you attend the first two workshops.

In this Workshop I will integrate many from the new workshop that Olga gave in October 2011.



Healing of incomplete memories by active dream work.

Becoming your Dream Self and healing with the Great Mother.

Create your Own Dream.

World Healing: The Great Mother heals.

When and where: On the mountain in France and I give this workshop for max. 5 – 6 participants.


2015  : On The Mountain in France 5 and 6 September 


The workshop costs 130 €

 Max. Teilnehmer 5-6 und im Deutsche Sprache.

The workshop costs 150 €.

You can sleep here on The Mountain in a wooden house where you can cook for yourself too. Price: 12 € p.p.p.night. And 1x 60 € for cleaning and bedsheets and loundry.




A new workhshop since 2013!

In this workshop you learn to create your own spaces in which you do your healing work or you create your space for questions or whishes that you have.  The possibillities are boundless and the spiritual helpers give you exact what you ask for! You will see that there are no boarders anymore and what seemed to be unpossible is possible like it is in the white faith, in the white believe of the shamans!

We will do an „experiment“ what is called: The return of your Spirit Self.

You will work in the same connections that you have learned in workshop 1 and it will be fine if you know  very well the signs which you learned in the other workshops so that you can follow the order and be safe in what you are doing.

When and where: On the mountain in France. Max. 7 participants.  In der Deutsche Sprache.

2015  7 and 8 September

The workshop costs: 150 €

You can sleep here on The Mountain in a wooden house where you can cook for yourself too. Price: 12 € p.p.p.night. And 1x 60 € for cleaning and bedsheets and loundry.



Therapy on The Mountain in France


Therapy only as agreed.

One therapy costs 60 €

A series of therapy, when you have a theme to heal, costs 45 € for one of the series. If you tell me your theme, I will test before how many series of therapy you need for this healing.

Every day we will do 1 healing if you come for a theme. So then you have to stay here, the costs for the overnight are not included. 


Some examples:

Repeating dreams, nightmares and images healing.

The search to the spirit of the illness and free you from it.

Healing memories.

Healing of youth memories.

The search to your vocation.

Searching for answers on your questions. (if allowed)

Identification of the source from your situation that you do not want anymore.



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